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Videos of Kathy Chiavola

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Kathy Chiavola - The Harvest

Daniel Sheffield
Published on Sep 10, 2018

This is taken from The Reno's Old Time Music Festival first season (I think) from 1993


  • Kathy Chiavola - guitar, lead vocal
  • Randy Howard - fiddle, harmony vocal
  • Wayne Benson - mandolin
  • Wayne Southards - bass

Wayne Benson had previously been with the band Livewire from 1989, until 1992, then joined Kathy's band for only a short time. On a few other Reno Show videos circulating on youtube, Wayne is seen playing with the IIIrd Tyme Out. That show was filmed in the latter part of 1993, so by that time he was playing with them.

Val Storey & Kathy Chiavola - Little Mountain Church House

Jørgen Petersen
Published on Sep 20, 2013

with Carl Jackson at The Station Inn, Nashville, Tennessee - Monday 10. June 2013 - Doug Jernigan/Steel Guitar - Catherine Marx/Keyboard - Billy Contreras/Fiddle - Larry Atamanuik/Drums - Michael Bub/Bass

Doug Dillard Band - Gold Watch And Chain

Published on

Awesome! I love anything Dillard and this is no exception. Such sweet harmonys and of course the one and only Doug Dillard on the banjo. Other members are Cathy Chiavola (singing that sweet lead), Ginger Boatwright (Guitar), and Jonathan Yudkin (fiddle - a Canadian from Alberta I believe).

John Oates Kathy Chiavola John Michel Haiti Concert Aspen, CO Feb 11, 2010 One Hundred Miles

Suzanne Engelhardt
Published on Feb 21, 2010

ohn Oates and John Michel accompany Kathy Chiavola on One Hundred Miles, and she harmonizes with John on You Make My Dreams Come True at a concert to raise funds for Mercy and Sharing, an Aspen based charity that runs Haitian orphanages.